Saturday, November 14, 2015

German press continues the propaganda as usual: welcome all refugees at all cost

The welcoming culture of "Syrian refugees" is the greatest enemy of islamic terror according to German Minitruth subsidiary Die Zeit in an article on November 14th 2015 titled: "Willkommenskultur ist der größte Feind des islamistischen Terrors".

This despite reports a Syrian passport has been found on one of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks on November 13th, 2015. The real solution is instead a closing of the borders and force them to either accept living with radical islam or to fight radical islam themselves. We should not fight it for them or it will be seen as interference of the "christians" or "unbelieving" Europe in their affairs and will only cause more resentment.

In French: They are not fleeing war. They come to make war over at our place.

Friday, November 13, 2015

US pulls a Bin Laden on Jihadi John

Claims are that Mohammed Emwazi was "evaporated" in a drone strike. No official confirmations of course. Ridiculously, the following photo accompanies a lot of the articles in the press:

Why is ISIS main HQ indicated with an arrow, pointing to a building that is not leveled? Propaganda as usual.

IMF changes rules so corrupt Ukrainian kleptocracy can now also siphon off IMF money

You can find the news here. This clearly shows the US writes the rules for the IMF as it goes. Apart from wrecking economies, the IMF now also supports Ukraine not only siphoning off Russian gas without paying but also tax dollars of countries worldwide in order to keep a corrupt kleptocracy alive. This is just another in a long list of scandals, including the as of yet unexplained $3 million expense bill for fake orange spray tan of an as of yet unidentified IMF employee, whose initials start with C.L.

 IMF head Christine Lagarde

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sexism is bad, but muslim sexism is okay for the sake of "tolerance"

In recent news in the Netherlands, FC Utrecht won FC Twente 4 -2. Despite the positive match results, the game caused many negative reactions on Twitter. In the second half, FC Twente  striker Thomas Agyepong got injured. When he was being treated, people sang: ‘I don't have bananas today’, a racist remark towards the skin color of Agyepong.

On Twitter people were outraged by this action. After the game, FC Utrecht player Nacer Barazite was interviewed by FOX Sports reporter Hélène Hendriks. On the sports channel, people could see live how Barazite refused to shake hands with the reporter.

Hate beard Barazite

Hendriks wanted to thank him for the interview, but the player was not coming forwards due to his religious convictions. Hendriks realized this too late and said: “O yeah, I don't give you a hand, that's right.” Many people on social media were offended. Hendriks later reacted on the controversy on Twitter: “I personally don't have issues if a player refuses to shake hands with a woman due to his faith.”

Dhimmi Hélène Hendriks indicating she's not offended
This is what is wrong with the excessive tolerance that is politically promoted in western countries. In the name of "tolerance", we are supposed to be okay with it that women are covered up, hands are not given and next up women will straight up not be talked to and swimming classes in schools will be gender separated. So called "progressives" are pushing everyone towards sliding back into medieval backwardness for the sake of political correctness and to appease muslims. Soon enough, if Merkel has her way, the Twitter and Facebook reactions condemning this will also be outlawed as hate speech.

More gifts from the US to Afghan muslims: $43 million gas station

As you may recall, in a previous post I posted a comedy video about the US Army spending $42 million on viagra. Yesterday, my dad told me on unrelated matter to always remember two things in life: 1. nothing is what it seems and 2. reality is 1000 times worse than your worst imagination.

A Pentagon task force awarded a $3 million contract to build the station in Sheberghan, Afghanistan, but ended up spending $12 million in construction costs and $30 million in "overhead" between 2011 and 2014, the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) found. Meanwhile, a similar gas station built in neighboring Pakistan cost $500,000.
The compressed-natural gas station was designed to show the viability of tapping the country's natural gas reserves. But the inspector general determined that Pentagon's Task Force for Stability and Business Operations failed to conduct a feasibility study before launching the project.
If they had, the inspector general noted in his report, the Pentagon would have found most Afghans have little use for it. The Pentagon's own contractor stated that converting a car to compressed natural gas costs $700 in Afghanistan. The average annual income there is $690. 

Oh well, I guess a CNG car can still have some use as car bomb

Thursday, October 15, 2015

More gifts from America to ISIS

Recently, CNN featured a new ISIS training video. I guess no one on CNN noticed that the tents seem to be courtesy of the United States? Either this is more captured equipment, or equipment sent to "moderate rebels" ending up with ISIS or who knows, a direct drop?

Fighting the infidel from tents stamped US.
About as hilarious as the time the US Army spent 42 million dollar on viagra.

Number of "refugees" in 2015 still following exponential curve

I plugged in data from the number of arrivals of "refugees" obtained from the UNHCR site on Mediterranean arrivals in Excel. It is surprising how well you can fit an exponential curve to these data. The fitted curve has as equation y = 3403 exp (0.4556 x), with y the number of "refugees" and x the number of the month, January 2015 being 1.

  • Jan: 5546
  • Feb: 7343
  • Mar: 10184
  • Apr: 29441
  • May: 40117
  • Jun: 53987
  • Jul: 75483
  • Aug: 130837
  • Sep: 187384

The only good news is that exponential extrapolations are rarely ever valid, as it would imply December 2016 would see 191 million "refugees" and a cumulative from Jan 2015 - Dec 2016 of 521 million. Data from 2014 showed a decrease in the winter months.

The bad news is IF this trend DOES continue long enough, waiting for the next elections (2017 in Germany) it will be too late.

Minitruth's Records Department claims Syrian Arab Coalition has been fighting ISIS "for months"

Resupply drop in Afghanistan
The latest US supply of weapons—which includes small-arms ammunition, hand grenades, and rounds for mortars and rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers—was made by parachute to a “rebel” army named the “Syrian Arab Coalition” or SAC. Some Western media like AFP have been caught pretending this unknown army somehow existed "for months". In reality, the Syrian Arab Coalition was only erected on October 11, a day before the airdrop.

Seems like Winston Smith is working overtime.

While it is true that the various groups composing the Syrian Arab Coalition have indeed been fighting ISIS for months, the timing of one day before the airdrop is of critical importance. It is likely that due to Russian successes these groups have been told to get along better and unite on orders of Washington in exchange for new toys. It also remains to be seen how many of these weapons again end up with ISIS. Last year, this exact thing happened and was blamed on the wind.

How did ISIS get all these Toyota trucks? The US supplied them.

Remember when US officials announced they'd ask Toyota how ISIS ended up with so many Toyota trucks? It turns out they don't have to look much longer, as apparently already as long ago as last year  it was reported the Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front as ‘non-lethal aid’ then ‘acquired’ by ISIS.

Thank you Great Satan, Toyotah Akbar

When the US government investigates foreign car makers, it's usually for the sole intent to damage their brand. This has been done before, the sudden "unintended acceleration" scandal was also completely bogus.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Demographic destruction of Germany soon past point of no return

EDIT: For the people of Debate Politics visiting here: yes, I have been banned, due to excess points. I was still pissed due to two undeserved infractions for Rule 7, plus on top they blamed me with a rather subjective DBAJ (don't be a jerk) infraction. I'm not going to argue much with mods about it, it is clear they wanted to ban me for some time already, they would have found an excuse anyway.

Especially CaptainCourtesy is a total fraud and scumbag of the worst kind, he is I believe a psychotherapist of some sort, yet enjoys using his "skills" to get under mentally unstable people's skins in the Basement forum. This is against common ethics codes.

X Factor then again has some weird fetish about Israel, as apparently many Americans have. Something the enemy (Israel) of my enemy (Islam) is my friend I guess. Israel on the other hand would probably sell Americans to China as slave laborers if they could get a decent profit out of it.

The whole moderating team is ridiculously pro Israel (CaptainCourtesy actually is a jew) and any criticism of either jews or Israel will get you into trouble and get you banned in the long run. So, as my final goodbye message:

This freaked out X Factor

In recent news, it is reported 12,000 "refugees" entered Austria within 36 hours. In September, around 210,000 refugees entered Germany. That is a yearly rate of 2.5 million "refugees" per year. This assumes the current trend is constant and does not get exponentially worse, as seems to be the case:

Bottom curves show a disturbing exponential "refugee" increase over time
But let's remain "positive" and assume that there will be one full year of 2.5 million refugees and let us assume that 2/3 of these are men are young adult males in the age category of 20-40 years, which is a reasonable assumption giving recent UNHCR data stated 75% are men (most of which appear young), 12% women and 13% children. This means around 1.6 million young men in the reproductive age category of 20-40 years are coming to Germany per year, who will want to apply for family reunification or marry a woman from the homeland preferably. If these people reproduce as in their homeland at a rate of 3 children per man or woman (for Syria, 4 or higher for Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq), we can see these can be expected to produce around 1.6 time 3 equals 4.8 million immigrant children. There are about 10 million Germans in the age category of 20-40 years and the rate of children per woman or man is 1.4. This means the German people in this comparable age bracket can be expected to produce 14 million German children.

Demographics of Germany: men aged 20-40 total around 10 million
The ratio of 4.8 million to 14 million allows to estimate that it would take at the present unstopped immigration rate around 3 years to ensure ethnic German children will grow up as a minority in their original homeland. The next elections in Germany are normally scheduled for the year 2017, if no one stops Hells Angela on her current path of demographic destruction. If nothing is done and the current exponential increase continues unstopped, the results for Germany and the EU as a whole will be catastrophic.

Christmas comes early in Syria: ISIS already gets its presents from the CIA

A happy early Christmas y'all
I previously had a blog post on the US plan to arm 5000 Syrian arabs. It seems the US has now effectively carried out their plan, as reported by CNN. As these muslim rebels do not believe in Christmas anyway, the CIA has decided to give them their Christmas presents early. A whole new 50 tons of ammunition, dropped by C-17. As has often been the case, these weapons will most likely end up in the hands of ISIS anyway.

ISIS fighters celebrating on top of captured Humvees

Monday, October 5, 2015

United States to state sponsor and arm 5000 terrorists

After an attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan and Russian successes against terrorists in Syria, the United States government has decided to increase its own state sponsored support of terrorism and will arm 5000 Arab terrorists. Details of the scheme are classified for reasons of "operational security". The newspeak translation of "operational security" is to protect the public or US troops (in this case, it doesn't involve US troops) in case leaks happen, the actual translation is to protect the politicians should details leak out. Another Iran-contra is undesirable.

President Obama last week approved two important steps to set the offensive in motion over the coming weeks, officials said. Mr. Obama ordered the Pentagon, for the first time, to directly provide ammunition and perhaps some weapons to Syrian opposition forces on the ground. He also endorsed the idea for an increased air campaign from an air base in Turkey, although important details still need to be worked out. 
Together, these measures are intended to empower 3,000 to 5,000 Arab fighters who would join more than 20,000 Kurdish combatants in an offensive backed by dozens of coalition warplanes to pressure Raqqa, the Islamic State’s main stronghold in Syria. Plans are also moving forward to have Syrian opposition fighters seal an important 60-mile part of the country’s border with Turkey to cut off critical supply lines of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.(...)A spokeswoman for the National Security Council, Emily Horne, declined to comment on Sunday on the mission, citing “operational security.”
The supposed objective is to "have Syrian opposition fighters seal an important 60-mile part of the country’s border with Turkey to cut off critical supply lines of the Islamic State". I wonder whether they realize that this comes down to admitting Turkey is either supplying ISIS or tolerating supply of ISIS through its border? Turkey is supposedly safe and a US "ally", why can't they just seal off their border and stop messing with the Kurds? After the US already allowed Turkey to bomb Kurds in Iraq, the Kurdish people can expect one more knife to be put into their back by the US criminal regime.

I wonder whether these 20,000 Kurdish people asked for any support by 5,000 "Arab fighters". It seems that the goal of the United States government and of Israel is to destroy all functioning Arab states surrounding Israel and to destroy Europe through muslim immigration. Considering how muslim immigrants behave towards jews in Europe, the latter will accomplish the zionist goal of bringing all jews back to Israel.

The 28th Zionist Congress, meeting in Jerusalem in 1968, adopted the five points of the "Jerusalem Program" as the aims of Zionism today. They are:[30]
  • Unity of the Jewish People and the centrality of Israel in Jewish life
  • Ingathering of the Jewish People in its historic homeland, Eretz Israel, through Aliyah from all countries
  • Strengthening of the State of Israel, based on the prophetic vision of justice and peace
  • Preservation of the identity of the Jewish People through fostering of Jewish and Hebrew education, and of Jewish spiritual and cultural values
  • Protection of Jewish rights everywhere

Friday, September 18, 2015

US Minitruth subsidiary CNN ups the propaganda war to destroy Europe through immigration

On September 14, Germany temporarily suspended the Schengen agreement and reinstated border checks. This action became necessary due to Germany being overwhelmed by a massive, yet predictable "refugee" influx caused by Devila Merkel welcoming them all to Germany. This interruption and threat to the plan of destroying Europe through immigration, caused CNN to go into a temporary one day all-out propaganda war in order to try and resume the plan.

CNN used to be a somewhat respectable news website, but of course good things don't last and apparently neither do mediocre things. A first step was taken when CNN abolished the comments section under its articles. This is most partly due to complaints about racism (articles on race issues quickly turned very nasty) but even more due to opinions that were critical of the US ruling regime. Some commentators did not scream along in two minute hate sessions against Putin or asked critical questions regarding the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad.

In 2014 the largest change was effected when CNN changed the format of its website into a format seemingly more friendly towards mobile phones (larger items, so less fits) and changed the content as well into a loose ensemble of often nothing more than clickbait articles. The incessant reporting on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and crackpot theories like "black holes" and "Bermuda triangle" are but an example of the depths of garbage "reporting" that CNN sunk into.

As such, changing from merely clickbait articles interspersed with some serious issues, to a front page pretty much wholly dedicated to a single issue, not involving Americans or otherwise a major international disaster, is suspect. The following screenshot was taken on September 14:

"Woman with young child in trouble" cliche.

Central in this image is a woman with young child (as always). According to recent UNHCR data, around 75% of refugees are actually male, 13% women and 12% children. You can even derive that from the silhouettes in the image below the top image. The first three articles featured are:

  • Refugees ask tough questions to Arwa Damon This article starts with: Amid the fray and all the bodies pressed against the razor wire along the Greece-Macedonia border, fingers dig into my arm. "Please, I am pregnant. Please," the woman said, her eyes filling with tears. "Please, I don't want to lose my baby." The article is emo-porn of the dirtiest, filthiest kind. Never mind that Arwa Damon is a journalist, shouldn't she be the one to ask tough questions? Like: "did you really lose your passport" and "how long did you live in Turkey before coming here"?
  • Syrian in UK faces tough road ahead We read about an immigrant who checked his smartphone to make sure he was in Britain, got a free house and job seekers allowance, but complains he cannot immediately work as a dentist because he fears it will take years to qualify and that he may never pass the written exam. Sorry, but we stopped doing dentistry in barber shops over a century ago. No mention is made whether he even tries to take the required test. He also doesn't want to wash dishes and wants more time on benefits like in Sweden. Life is hard in the UK.
  • Image of drowned boy drives home horror This is not just emo-porn, this has become a sick mixture of pedophilia and necrophilia. We hear a repeat of old lies like that the family of the boy sought asylum in Canada, which Canada denies. CNN is not critical and repeats lies without investigating.

And this crap goes on and on:
  • West 'reaps what is has sown' This article lays the blame on European colonialism (really?) and US invasions to end with the conclusion that European leaders - encouraged by Washington - must recognize their responsibilities, historical and current and take in all these people. Let Washington encourage itself to take in refugees.
  • Do countries have obligations to refugees? This article tries to shove moral and legal "obligations" down the throat of European countries and Gulf States. Israel, which also takes zero refugees and is as compatible with these refugees as Europe, is curiously not mentioned.
  • Why aren't Gulf states taking more refugees in Not a word on Israel which directly borders Syria, is economically well off, is democratic and about as culturally and religiously compatible with these muslims as Europe, yet accepts 0 Syrian refugees without being guilt tripped and called racist.
Image featured on CNN: spot the missing Middle Eastern neighbor of Syria
  • How you can help in the migrant crisis This article provides a list of organisations whom to donate to, so refugees can throw your food aid in the mud for being "not halal". Many of these organization push for EU countries to take all migrants in without exceptions.
  • Why refugees deserve warm welcome This report by Christiane Amanpour focuses on historical examples of refugees who have "enriched" the West. A prominent example is made of a former jewish refugee child, Madeleine Albright. To use this despicable woman as an example is an insult to actual Iraqi refugees as Albright once remarked that 500.000 dead Iraqi children were "worth it":

  • Which countries welcome refugees? Despite the title, the word "welcome" is only mentioned once inside. No country except delusional Sweden (figures) actually appears welcoming.


Contrast the following screenshot, also taken on September 14 (again focussing on the woman with young child in trouble cliche):

Number of unrelated headline topics: 1
To normal CNN headlines on September 18:

Number of unrelated headline topics: >30
On September 14, Fox News and pretty much all other US media kept multiple headlines focusing mostly on articles relevant to the United States. CNN however, still an American news site but also viewed by many Europeans, chose to focus on this single issue which Americans care little about and with an extremely heavy bias towards an open border policy, as evidenced by:

  1. Refugees instead of reporters asking "tough questions"
  2. Focusing on sob stories and cadaver emo-porn
  3. Blaming "the West"
  4. Portraying the opposition to immigration as horrible (camerawoman)
  5. Claiming "obligations" of EU and Gulf States to accept refugees, omitting Israel
  6. Calling for aid to organizations which seek unlimited immigration
This seems part of a plan endorsed by the EU dictatorship to destroy Europe through immigration and make the rich even richer by depressing wages through an influx of low skilled laborers.


As conclusion: don't go to CNN for news, go there for brainwashing and irrelevant clickbait crap.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Despicable ugly old Stasi hag to help German Thought Police to censor Facebook

Anetta Kahane worked from 1974 to 1982 under the code name "Victoria" as secret agent for the East German security service Stasi. 
The German government is about to establish a special censorship group dedicated to identifying and deleting immigration-critical messages on Facebook. To help with this task the government has included a former agent for the East German secret service Stasi. That she was a ratting to the Stasi is not exactly a secret, it is well known and even on her German wikipedia entry (use Google translate):

The German Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, published an open letter to Facebook in August 2015 requesting that the social networking service starts to systematically erase "xenophobic" material. The minister has now drawn up a plan on how the censorship will happen. A special work group will deal with deleting of comments. The working group's members are appointed by both the Government and Facebook, but also the organization Network Against Nazis ("Netz gegen Nazis") has been invited. The network was founded in 2007 by Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, and is led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane (pictured).

From 1974-1982, Kahane worked under the code name "Victoria" as a secret agent for the East German security service Stasi where she ratted on other citizens out of line with party ideology. Today, Anetta Kahane works as a professional "anti-racist", and attracted attention last year after after an interview with RT, having proclaimed that the European countries have to open their borders and to adapt fully to the immigrants from the Third World:

Immigration is the future. We really need to change the immigration policy in Europe. This is very important, you have to adapt the education system and adapting countries' self-understanding. They are no longer just white or just Swedes, or only Portuguese or German. They are multicultural places in the world, she said.

Why am I not surprised her last name is Kahane? Anyway, there you have it people: Devila Merkel is fed up of your criticism of her immigration policy. This traitor of her own country has had enough and will start to censor racist and xenophobic Facebook messages. What constitutes racist and xenophobic will be up to politicians. Give it some time, and soon enough all criticism of islam and immigration policy will be illegal.

Devila Merkel

Friday, September 11, 2015

UK Minitruth subsidiary Daily Mail says we've always been at war with Eastasia

That's Putin in the cockpit
The Daily Mail has an article today about the interception of Russian bombers. These things happen regularly anyway. So what's so special this time to make it a headline? That's right, Russia intervening on behalf of Assad. Previously, the Daily Mail had an article on Russian troops in Syria. An excerpt:

These revealing pictures apparently show how Russian troops are already on the ground in Syria as Vladimir Putin allegedly defies the West.
The images showing boots on the ground were originally posted on social media accounts of military personnel, but some were then hastily withdrawn once they began being noticed.
The shocking pictures will be seen as proof that despite official denials from the Russian president Vladimir Putin, he has deployed increasing numbers of troops to help prop up the regime of Syrian premier Bashar Al-Assad. 
The pictures will infuriate western leaders who have called for the removal of Assad during the four-year civil war that has devastated the country, forced four million people to flee their homes and led to the terrifying rise of ISIS. 

Considering the way this is written, I bet the expected public reaction was that commentators would call Putin evil. However, many commentators on the Daily Mail article approved instead, not falling for the trick that less than twelve airstrikes a day on ISIS by the west is going to do anything.

Ofcourse the previously mentioned "western leaders" were probably even more infuriated that their populace was dissenting. The public had to be reminded that Putin is the bad guy. What better way than to publish a story about an intercept of a Russian bomber, which is routine anyway? Lo and behold, it is working. The gullible masses are having their two minutes hate session against Putin. There are even idiots suggesting Britain should shoot these planes out of international airspace, where they have every right of being, to "send a message" or because supposedly "Russia would do the same if British bombers came near Russia". Mission accomplished.

Perpetual war: US warns Russia to back off Syria

The US and NATO pretend that fewer than 12 airstrikes a day will make this problem go away
The US government seems quite fond of perpetual war, as a means to keep up its military spending and to keep its populace docile. The US government, a two party system more perverse than the communist one party system as it creates the illusion of choice, has brought us previously the overthrowal of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. The first was done without a wider support across the world, so learning a lesson, the US government aimed to give the overthrowal of Gaddafi at least a small flavor of legitimacy by using NATO.

A word for my fellow Europeans: NATO was originally created to oppose the forces of the Soviet Union and to "protect" Europe (actually US economic interests and military supremacy) from the USSR. After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, US troops however did not withdraw. Support of the people for the stationing of US troops is probably non existent except around those bases itself as a support to the local economy. Opposition is however also non existent as the US government is still viewed, if not as a friend, at least as an ally. The reality however is that NATO is an occupation force with very little legitimacy. If it ever came to a referendum whether US troops should stay, it is doubtful the "yes" camp would win. Only with the recent crisis in Ukraine, the European people are again becoming convinced brainwashed that a stronger NATO is necessary.

In any case, both of these events, the Iraq war and the "military intervention" in Libya, have led to a massive influx of refugees economic migrants into Europe. The people of Europe are suffering the consequences of the agenda of the US government and the barely elected dictatorship of the EU which forces these migrants upon us. Now Russia wants to send aid to Assad and the US is obstructing.

Perpetual bad guys

It is time for people of Europe to wake up and realize the following things:

  1. The US government is neither a "friend" nor an "ally"
  2. The US government is not here to protect us from Russia
  3. NATO is a military occupation force
  4. The EU government does not listen to the people that barely elected them
Both governments, US and EU, only contribute to worsening the problem. The media aid and abet them in their propaganda struggle by depicting Putin and Assad as the bad guys in a very simplified manner and by focusing on the few women and children among the probably 75% male refugees economic migrants.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

US Minitruth subsidiary CNN distracts you from that other Middle Eastern country

The US Minitruth subsidiary organization CNN has an item trying to force Syrian refugees down the throat of Europe and Gulf Nations, entitled: Are countries obligated to take in refugees? In some cases, yes.

It focuses on the supposed duties of certain countries like Europe and the rich Gulf States that are supposed to take in vast numbers of refugees. It uses imagery of women and children on the cover, to play on the emotions:

Won't somebody please think of the children?

Reality is different, the overwhelming majority of refugees (Newspeak word for economic migrants) are men and less than half are actually Syrians running away from war as is evidenced by contradictory images inside the article:

Some more "women and children"

Disclaimer: CNN not responsible for using correct lighting in this picture of Syrian war refugees. Subjects' color may vary. 

Frequently mentioned by the various US Minitruth subsidiaries is this image or variants thereof:

Spot the Syria neighbor missing from the blame game. Where is Waldo Schlomo?
This image, provided to you by the US Minitruth, shows every single country neighboring Syria except one.

It is not difficult to find out which country this is. It is nevertheless a safe country, a prosperous country and actually the only real democracy in the Middle East. Yet in the media, this country rarely ever gets mentioned as having any responsibility in taking up some of these refugees. I am sure that if you ask why this is, it will be mentioned that their cultures are not compatible or whatever bullshit excuse. Israel is equally culturally compatible with these refugees as Europe.

Everyone: feel free to redistribute the illustration below on Tumblr, Facebook, wherever. It is time for counterpropaganda.

UK Minitruth subsidiary Daily Mail distracts you from the refugee crisis

Today is September 8, 1984 2015. In the news in the Daily Mail we find two suspicious articles.

One is about British jihadis killed in a drone strike on August 21. Very old news, but probably released to raise Cameron's approval ratings, just as he has agreed to import lots of Syrian (and anyone who "lost" his passport) refugees. Plenty of commentators are praising Cameron. Naive fools.

Another is about "hate crimes" against muslims on the rise in Britain. Central to the story is Tasneem Kabir, an innocent muslim woman who suffered broken teeth and a smashed lip after she was hit in an unprovoked attack by Michael Ayoade. Now if Ayode doesn't sound like a British name, it's because it isn't. Ayode is originally from Nigeria, we do not know his religion nor even if he was christian, what his motive was for this attack, which happened three years ago but is news now. But the message is clear: the British are racist towards muslims and all critics of the refugee invasion are bad, bad people whose opinion is invalid. Luckily, many commentators are smart enough in this case to see the lies of the Minitruth.