Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UK Minitruth subsidiary Daily Mail distracts you from the refugee crisis

Today is September 8, 1984 2015. In the news in the Daily Mail we find two suspicious articles.

One is about British jihadis killed in a drone strike on August 21. Very old news, but probably released to raise Cameron's approval ratings, just as he has agreed to import lots of Syrian (and anyone who "lost" his passport) refugees. Plenty of commentators are praising Cameron. Naive fools.

Another is about "hate crimes" against muslims on the rise in Britain. Central to the story is Tasneem Kabir, an innocent muslim woman who suffered broken teeth and a smashed lip after she was hit in an unprovoked attack by Michael Ayoade. Now if Ayode doesn't sound like a British name, it's because it isn't. Ayode is originally from Nigeria, we do not know his religion nor even if he was christian, what his motive was for this attack, which happened three years ago but is news now. But the message is clear: the British are racist towards muslims and all critics of the refugee invasion are bad, bad people whose opinion is invalid. Luckily, many commentators are smart enough in this case to see the lies of the Minitruth.

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