Friday, September 11, 2015

Perpetual war: US warns Russia to back off Syria

The US and NATO pretend that fewer than 12 airstrikes a day will make this problem go away
The US government seems quite fond of perpetual war, as a means to keep up its military spending and to keep its populace docile. The US government, a two party system more perverse than the communist one party system as it creates the illusion of choice, has brought us previously the overthrowal of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. The first was done without a wider support across the world, so learning a lesson, the US government aimed to give the overthrowal of Gaddafi at least a small flavor of legitimacy by using NATO.

A word for my fellow Europeans: NATO was originally created to oppose the forces of the Soviet Union and to "protect" Europe (actually US economic interests and military supremacy) from the USSR. After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, US troops however did not withdraw. Support of the people for the stationing of US troops is probably non existent except around those bases itself as a support to the local economy. Opposition is however also non existent as the US government is still viewed, if not as a friend, at least as an ally. The reality however is that NATO is an occupation force with very little legitimacy. If it ever came to a referendum whether US troops should stay, it is doubtful the "yes" camp would win. Only with the recent crisis in Ukraine, the European people are again becoming convinced brainwashed that a stronger NATO is necessary.

In any case, both of these events, the Iraq war and the "military intervention" in Libya, have led to a massive influx of refugees economic migrants into Europe. The people of Europe are suffering the consequences of the agenda of the US government and the barely elected dictatorship of the EU which forces these migrants upon us. Now Russia wants to send aid to Assad and the US is obstructing.

Perpetual bad guys

It is time for people of Europe to wake up and realize the following things:

  1. The US government is neither a "friend" nor an "ally"
  2. The US government is not here to protect us from Russia
  3. NATO is a military occupation force
  4. The EU government does not listen to the people that barely elected them
Both governments, US and EU, only contribute to worsening the problem. The media aid and abet them in their propaganda struggle by depicting Putin and Assad as the bad guys in a very simplified manner and by focusing on the few women and children among the probably 75% male refugees economic migrants.

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