Friday, September 11, 2015

UK Minitruth subsidiary Daily Mail says we've always been at war with Eastasia

That's Putin in the cockpit
The Daily Mail has an article today about the interception of Russian bombers. These things happen regularly anyway. So what's so special this time to make it a headline? That's right, Russia intervening on behalf of Assad. Previously, the Daily Mail had an article on Russian troops in Syria. An excerpt:

These revealing pictures apparently show how Russian troops are already on the ground in Syria as Vladimir Putin allegedly defies the West.
The images showing boots on the ground were originally posted on social media accounts of military personnel, but some were then hastily withdrawn once they began being noticed.
The shocking pictures will be seen as proof that despite official denials from the Russian president Vladimir Putin, he has deployed increasing numbers of troops to help prop up the regime of Syrian premier Bashar Al-Assad. 
The pictures will infuriate western leaders who have called for the removal of Assad during the four-year civil war that has devastated the country, forced four million people to flee their homes and led to the terrifying rise of ISIS. 

Considering the way this is written, I bet the expected public reaction was that commentators would call Putin evil. However, many commentators on the Daily Mail article approved instead, not falling for the trick that less than twelve airstrikes a day on ISIS by the west is going to do anything.

Ofcourse the previously mentioned "western leaders" were probably even more infuriated that their populace was dissenting. The public had to be reminded that Putin is the bad guy. What better way than to publish a story about an intercept of a Russian bomber, which is routine anyway? Lo and behold, it is working. The gullible masses are having their two minutes hate session against Putin. There are even idiots suggesting Britain should shoot these planes out of international airspace, where they have every right of being, to "send a message" or because supposedly "Russia would do the same if British bombers came near Russia". Mission accomplished.

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