Friday, September 18, 2015

US Minitruth subsidiary CNN ups the propaganda war to destroy Europe through immigration

On September 14, Germany temporarily suspended the Schengen agreement and reinstated border checks. This action became necessary due to Germany being overwhelmed by a massive, yet predictable "refugee" influx caused by Devila Merkel welcoming them all to Germany. This interruption and threat to the plan of destroying Europe through immigration, caused CNN to go into a temporary one day all-out propaganda war in order to try and resume the plan.

CNN used to be a somewhat respectable news website, but of course good things don't last and apparently neither do mediocre things. A first step was taken when CNN abolished the comments section under its articles. This is most partly due to complaints about racism (articles on race issues quickly turned very nasty) but even more due to opinions that were critical of the US ruling regime. Some commentators did not scream along in two minute hate sessions against Putin or asked critical questions regarding the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad.

In 2014 the largest change was effected when CNN changed the format of its website into a format seemingly more friendly towards mobile phones (larger items, so less fits) and changed the content as well into a loose ensemble of often nothing more than clickbait articles. The incessant reporting on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and crackpot theories like "black holes" and "Bermuda triangle" are but an example of the depths of garbage "reporting" that CNN sunk into.

As such, changing from merely clickbait articles interspersed with some serious issues, to a front page pretty much wholly dedicated to a single issue, not involving Americans or otherwise a major international disaster, is suspect. The following screenshot was taken on September 14:

"Woman with young child in trouble" cliche.

Central in this image is a woman with young child (as always). According to recent UNHCR data, around 75% of refugees are actually male, 13% women and 12% children. You can even derive that from the silhouettes in the image below the top image. The first three articles featured are:

  • Refugees ask tough questions to Arwa Damon This article starts with: Amid the fray and all the bodies pressed against the razor wire along the Greece-Macedonia border, fingers dig into my arm. "Please, I am pregnant. Please," the woman said, her eyes filling with tears. "Please, I don't want to lose my baby." The article is emo-porn of the dirtiest, filthiest kind. Never mind that Arwa Damon is a journalist, shouldn't she be the one to ask tough questions? Like: "did you really lose your passport" and "how long did you live in Turkey before coming here"?
  • Syrian in UK faces tough road ahead We read about an immigrant who checked his smartphone to make sure he was in Britain, got a free house and job seekers allowance, but complains he cannot immediately work as a dentist because he fears it will take years to qualify and that he may never pass the written exam. Sorry, but we stopped doing dentistry in barber shops over a century ago. No mention is made whether he even tries to take the required test. He also doesn't want to wash dishes and wants more time on benefits like in Sweden. Life is hard in the UK.
  • Image of drowned boy drives home horror This is not just emo-porn, this has become a sick mixture of pedophilia and necrophilia. We hear a repeat of old lies like that the family of the boy sought asylum in Canada, which Canada denies. CNN is not critical and repeats lies without investigating.

And this crap goes on and on:
  • West 'reaps what is has sown' This article lays the blame on European colonialism (really?) and US invasions to end with the conclusion that European leaders - encouraged by Washington - must recognize their responsibilities, historical and current and take in all these people. Let Washington encourage itself to take in refugees.
  • Do countries have obligations to refugees? This article tries to shove moral and legal "obligations" down the throat of European countries and Gulf States. Israel, which also takes zero refugees and is as compatible with these refugees as Europe, is curiously not mentioned.
  • Why aren't Gulf states taking more refugees in Not a word on Israel which directly borders Syria, is economically well off, is democratic and about as culturally and religiously compatible with these muslims as Europe, yet accepts 0 Syrian refugees without being guilt tripped and called racist.
Image featured on CNN: spot the missing Middle Eastern neighbor of Syria
  • How you can help in the migrant crisis This article provides a list of organisations whom to donate to, so refugees can throw your food aid in the mud for being "not halal". Many of these organization push for EU countries to take all migrants in without exceptions.
  • Why refugees deserve warm welcome This report by Christiane Amanpour focuses on historical examples of refugees who have "enriched" the West. A prominent example is made of a former jewish refugee child, Madeleine Albright. To use this despicable woman as an example is an insult to actual Iraqi refugees as Albright once remarked that 500.000 dead Iraqi children were "worth it":

  • Which countries welcome refugees? Despite the title, the word "welcome" is only mentioned once inside. No country except delusional Sweden (figures) actually appears welcoming.


Contrast the following screenshot, also taken on September 14 (again focussing on the woman with young child in trouble cliche):

Number of unrelated headline topics: 1
To normal CNN headlines on September 18:

Number of unrelated headline topics: >30
On September 14, Fox News and pretty much all other US media kept multiple headlines focusing mostly on articles relevant to the United States. CNN however, still an American news site but also viewed by many Europeans, chose to focus on this single issue which Americans care little about and with an extremely heavy bias towards an open border policy, as evidenced by:

  1. Refugees instead of reporters asking "tough questions"
  2. Focusing on sob stories and cadaver emo-porn
  3. Blaming "the West"
  4. Portraying the opposition to immigration as horrible (camerawoman)
  5. Claiming "obligations" of EU and Gulf States to accept refugees, omitting Israel
  6. Calling for aid to organizations which seek unlimited immigration
This seems part of a plan endorsed by the EU dictatorship to destroy Europe through immigration and make the rich even richer by depressing wages through an influx of low skilled laborers.


As conclusion: don't go to CNN for news, go there for brainwashing and irrelevant clickbait crap.

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