Tuesday, September 8, 2015

US Minitruth subsidiary CNN distracts you from that other Middle Eastern country

The US Minitruth subsidiary organization CNN has an item trying to force Syrian refugees down the throat of Europe and Gulf Nations, entitled: Are countries obligated to take in refugees? In some cases, yes.

It focuses on the supposed duties of certain countries like Europe and the rich Gulf States that are supposed to take in vast numbers of refugees. It uses imagery of women and children on the cover, to play on the emotions:

Won't somebody please think of the children?

Reality is different, the overwhelming majority of refugees (Newspeak word for economic migrants) are men and less than half are actually Syrians running away from war as is evidenced by contradictory images inside the article:

Some more "women and children"

Disclaimer: CNN not responsible for using correct lighting in this picture of Syrian war refugees. Subjects' color may vary. 

Frequently mentioned by the various US Minitruth subsidiaries is this image or variants thereof:

Spot the Syria neighbor missing from the blame game. Where is Waldo Schlomo?
This image, provided to you by the US Minitruth, shows every single country neighboring Syria except one.

It is not difficult to find out which country this is. It is nevertheless a safe country, a prosperous country and actually the only real democracy in the Middle East. Yet in the media, this country rarely ever gets mentioned as having any responsibility in taking up some of these refugees. I am sure that if you ask why this is, it will be mentioned that their cultures are not compatible or whatever bullshit excuse. Israel is equally culturally compatible with these refugees as Europe.

Everyone: feel free to redistribute the illustration below on Tumblr, Facebook, wherever. It is time for counterpropaganda.

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