Monday, October 12, 2015

Demographic destruction of Germany soon past point of no return

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X Factor then again has some weird fetish about Israel, as apparently many Americans have. Something the enemy (Israel) of my enemy (Islam) is my friend I guess. Israel on the other hand would probably sell Americans to China as slave laborers if they could get a decent profit out of it.

The whole moderating team is ridiculously pro Israel (CaptainCourtesy actually is a jew) and any criticism of either jews or Israel will get you into trouble and get you banned in the long run. So, as my final goodbye message:

This freaked out X Factor

In recent news, it is reported 12,000 "refugees" entered Austria within 36 hours. In September, around 210,000 refugees entered Germany. That is a yearly rate of 2.5 million "refugees" per year. This assumes the current trend is constant and does not get exponentially worse, as seems to be the case:

Bottom curves show a disturbing exponential "refugee" increase over time
But let's remain "positive" and assume that there will be one full year of 2.5 million refugees and let us assume that 2/3 of these are men are young adult males in the age category of 20-40 years, which is a reasonable assumption giving recent UNHCR data stated 75% are men (most of which appear young), 12% women and 13% children. This means around 1.6 million young men in the reproductive age category of 20-40 years are coming to Germany per year, who will want to apply for family reunification or marry a woman from the homeland preferably. If these people reproduce as in their homeland at a rate of 3 children per man or woman (for Syria, 4 or higher for Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq), we can see these can be expected to produce around 1.6 time 3 equals 4.8 million immigrant children. There are about 10 million Germans in the age category of 20-40 years and the rate of children per woman or man is 1.4. This means the German people in this comparable age bracket can be expected to produce 14 million German children.

Demographics of Germany: men aged 20-40 total around 10 million
The ratio of 4.8 million to 14 million allows to estimate that it would take at the present unstopped immigration rate around 3 years to ensure ethnic German children will grow up as a minority in their original homeland. The next elections in Germany are normally scheduled for the year 2017, if no one stops Hells Angela on her current path of demographic destruction. If nothing is done and the current exponential increase continues unstopped, the results for Germany and the EU as a whole will be catastrophic.