Saturday, November 14, 2015

German press continues the propaganda as usual: welcome all refugees at all cost

The welcoming culture of "Syrian refugees" is the greatest enemy of islamic terror according to German Minitruth subsidiary Die Zeit in an article on November 14th 2015 titled: "Willkommenskultur ist der größte Feind des islamistischen Terrors".

This despite reports a Syrian passport has been found on one of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks on November 13th, 2015. The real solution is instead a closing of the borders and force them to either accept living with radical islam or to fight radical islam themselves. We should not fight it for them or it will be seen as interference of the "christians" or "unbelieving" Europe in their affairs and will only cause more resentment.

In French: They are not fleeing war. They come to make war over at our place.

Friday, November 13, 2015

US pulls a Bin Laden on Jihadi John

Claims are that Mohammed Emwazi was "evaporated" in a drone strike. No official confirmations of course. Ridiculously, the following photo accompanies a lot of the articles in the press:

Why is ISIS main HQ indicated with an arrow, pointing to a building that is not leveled? Propaganda as usual.

IMF changes rules so corrupt Ukrainian kleptocracy can now also siphon off IMF money

You can find the news here. This clearly shows the US writes the rules for the IMF as it goes. Apart from wrecking economies, the IMF now also supports Ukraine not only siphoning off Russian gas without paying but also tax dollars of countries worldwide in order to keep a corrupt kleptocracy alive. This is just another in a long list of scandals, including the as of yet unexplained $3 million expense bill for fake orange spray tan of an as of yet unidentified IMF employee, whose initials start with C.L.

 IMF head Christine Lagarde

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sexism is bad, but muslim sexism is okay for the sake of "tolerance"

In recent news in the Netherlands, FC Utrecht won FC Twente 4 -2. Despite the positive match results, the game caused many negative reactions on Twitter. In the second half, FC Twente  striker Thomas Agyepong got injured. When he was being treated, people sang: ‘I don't have bananas today’, a racist remark towards the skin color of Agyepong.

On Twitter people were outraged by this action. After the game, FC Utrecht player Nacer Barazite was interviewed by FOX Sports reporter Hélène Hendriks. On the sports channel, people could see live how Barazite refused to shake hands with the reporter.

Hate beard Barazite

Hendriks wanted to thank him for the interview, but the player was not coming forwards due to his religious convictions. Hendriks realized this too late and said: “O yeah, I don't give you a hand, that's right.” Many people on social media were offended. Hendriks later reacted on the controversy on Twitter: “I personally don't have issues if a player refuses to shake hands with a woman due to his faith.”

Dhimmi Hélène Hendriks indicating she's not offended
This is what is wrong with the excessive tolerance that is politically promoted in western countries. In the name of "tolerance", we are supposed to be okay with it that women are covered up, hands are not given and next up women will straight up not be talked to and swimming classes in schools will be gender separated. So called "progressives" are pushing everyone towards sliding back into medieval backwardness for the sake of political correctness and to appease muslims. Soon enough, if Merkel has her way, the Twitter and Facebook reactions condemning this will also be outlawed as hate speech.

More gifts from the US to Afghan muslims: $43 million gas station

As you may recall, in a previous post I posted a comedy video about the US Army spending $42 million on viagra. Yesterday, my dad told me on unrelated matter to always remember two things in life: 1. nothing is what it seems and 2. reality is 1000 times worse than your worst imagination.

A Pentagon task force awarded a $3 million contract to build the station in Sheberghan, Afghanistan, but ended up spending $12 million in construction costs and $30 million in "overhead" between 2011 and 2014, the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) found. Meanwhile, a similar gas station built in neighboring Pakistan cost $500,000.
The compressed-natural gas station was designed to show the viability of tapping the country's natural gas reserves. But the inspector general determined that Pentagon's Task Force for Stability and Business Operations failed to conduct a feasibility study before launching the project.
If they had, the inspector general noted in his report, the Pentagon would have found most Afghans have little use for it. The Pentagon's own contractor stated that converting a car to compressed natural gas costs $700 in Afghanistan. The average annual income there is $690. 

Oh well, I guess a CNG car can still have some use as car bomb