Friday, November 6, 2015

Sexism is bad, but muslim sexism is okay for the sake of "tolerance"

In recent news in the Netherlands, FC Utrecht won FC Twente 4 -2. Despite the positive match results, the game caused many negative reactions on Twitter. In the second half, FC Twente  striker Thomas Agyepong got injured. When he was being treated, people sang: ‘I don't have bananas today’, a racist remark towards the skin color of Agyepong.

On Twitter people were outraged by this action. After the game, FC Utrecht player Nacer Barazite was interviewed by FOX Sports reporter Hélène Hendriks. On the sports channel, people could see live how Barazite refused to shake hands with the reporter.

Hate beard Barazite

Hendriks wanted to thank him for the interview, but the player was not coming forwards due to his religious convictions. Hendriks realized this too late and said: “O yeah, I don't give you a hand, that's right.” Many people on social media were offended. Hendriks later reacted on the controversy on Twitter: “I personally don't have issues if a player refuses to shake hands with a woman due to his faith.”

Dhimmi Hélène Hendriks indicating she's not offended
This is what is wrong with the excessive tolerance that is politically promoted in western countries. In the name of "tolerance", we are supposed to be okay with it that women are covered up, hands are not given and next up women will straight up not be talked to and swimming classes in schools will be gender separated. So called "progressives" are pushing everyone towards sliding back into medieval backwardness for the sake of political correctness and to appease muslims. Soon enough, if Merkel has her way, the Twitter and Facebook reactions condemning this will also be outlawed as hate speech.

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