Thursday, January 21, 2016

Commie race baiting Gawker claims you need to be white to be a millionaire

A new Gawker article titled "How to become a millionaire? 1) Be the right race" claims:
“Of these three demographic characteristics, race stuck out as especially dominant in determining a person’s net worth.” Surprise! For a brief snapshot of American economic opportunity, here are the percentage of middle-aged, college-educated Americans who are millionaires: 
Asian: 22.3%
White: 21.5%
Hispanic: 6.8%
Black: 6.4%
I'm pretty sure Asians in the US are not 22.3% of the population, but I am sure the message at Gawker is instead that black people are disadvantaged and it is all racist whitey's fault (just read the comments section or other Gawker articles to get the gist). Hmmmm... But how shall we explain who takes the top position then?

Anyway, I am sure that racism is the main explanation.

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