Thursday, January 21, 2016

EU says "fuck the Dutch and fuck democracy" regarding EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

First some basic info: the EU has approved a trade agreement with major trade partner ... hahahaha... corrupt hellhole Ukraine. This treaty needs to be subsequently approved by the member states, which of course do not consult their lowly peasants and just rubber stamp and approve said agreement. Small snag: the Dutch have this ugly, nasty option of organizing a referendum regarding new laws, and that is just what Dutch weblog GeenStijl has done.

Now of course this threatens the plans of the EU to expand responsibilities and hence increase wages for already overpaid and undertaxed EU politicians and for wasting billions more tax money on subsidizing the Ukraine. It also threatens plans of the US to piss off Russia and slowly but surely expand NATO. Extra inconveniencing is that the Netherlands is currently presiding the EU.

A normal day in Ukraine's parliament

So what is going to be done about this?

Dutch politicians have already hinted they will go ahead with the treaty anyway regardless of what any referendum says and the EU parliament essentially did the same by voting for the following motion:

[ The complainant groups Verts /ALE , PPE, ALDE, ECR and S & D ] show their serious concern about the background against which the forthcoming Dutch consultative referendum on the AA / DCFTA between the EU and the Ukraine will be held ; trusts that the decision of the Dutch will be taken on the basis of the benefits of the agreement , and that the actual effects for the EU in general and the Netherlands in particular are appreciated.

This motion, essentially saying that the "benefits of this agreement to the Dutch outweigh whatever the peasants may think about it" was accepted with 71% of the vote. The following opposing motion by Anja Hazekamp was then again voted away:

[ Petitioner ] insists that the results of the Dutch referendum on the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine is fully respected ; calls on the Commission to take appropriate measures in accordance with the outcome of the referendum, including an immediate suspension of the Association Agreement if the majority in the Dutch referendum says no.
This motion was voted away with 77% of the vote. Nevertheless, as far as I understand it:

Provisions shall formally come into force upon ratification of the Agreement by all signatories.–European_Union_Association_Agreement
If the Netherlands decides not to ratify it, basically it should not come into force. It seems Nigel Farage was correct when he scoffed and utterly destroyed Mark Rutte in EU parliament of this new European "disease":


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